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As a leader in Biomedical Innovations, we manufacture and sell a complete line of Custom Medical Devices including: Wearable Devices, ECG/EKG electrodes, neuro modulation, muscle stimulation and iontophoretic drug delivery products.

Biomedical Innovations possesses an unparalleled ability to quickly design, test and manufacture your products. We specialize in custom medical devices that feature neuromodulators, flexible circuits, nanotechnology, and embedded ultrathin printed batteries. Check out Custom Manufacturing and Labeling for more information.

Biomedical Innovations Products

Biomedical Innovations specializes in custom medical devices that feature neuromodulators, flexible circuits, nanotechnology, SMT (Surface Mounted Technology), and embedded ultrathin printed batteries. Depend on Biomedical Innovations proven capabilities to design your product thoroughly and efficiently. Well-established design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, combined with quick turnaround times.

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Looking for standard stock consumable patient monitoring products?

Our complete line of standard ECG Electrodes and other patient monitoring supplies can be found at Vermed, our consumable medical division.




Biomedical Innovations (formerly Lead-Lok, Inc.) has taken a leadership role in creating innovative new products for modern applications for noninvasive medical devices. Our focus in wearable devices began in 1985 and continues today in our Innovation Center located in Sandpoint, ID.

Our Life Science business has been established for well over 15 years by Dia-Nielsen and Schleicher & Schuell. Our origins began with syringe filters and continues to expand into many types of filtration devices in the Life Science space.



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