Trivarion™ is altering the shape of iontophoresis systems!

What makes Trivarion the superior iontophoresis system? Trivarion’s unique design makes it the most conforming delivery electrode available. Coupled with its ability to deliver ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA*min, it is clear why the Trivarion iontophoresis system is the best value available on the market.

Trivarion Iontophoresis System

Flexible Treatment Applications

Trivarion, with its unique shape, assortment of sizes and efficient delivery technology, is able to more effectively deliver treatment for a number of anatomical sites.


  • Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology
  • Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increases comfort
  • Highly absorbent drug matrix – no messy hydrogel
  • Large surface adhesion area
Product Picture

  • Teardrop 2″
  • 1.5 cc
12 treatments/bx
Trivarion Small Iontophoresis Electrode

  • Teardrop 3″
  • 2 cc
12 treatments/bx
Trivarion Medium Iontophoresis Electrode

  • Teardrop 4″
  • 3.5 cc
12 treatments/bx
Trivarion Large Iontophoresis Electrode
Delivery System

  • Ionto Delivery System
1 each
Trivarion Iontophoresis Delivery System

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